Messages from The Board of Directors



DAC Data Technology Vietnam JSC. / President

The Internet you are in contact with is supported by advertising.

Many of the sites and apps you use regularly, such as Facebook, Youtube, Zalo, Zing, etc., can be used free of charge because the advertising business is making money to publishers.

Advertisers buy ads on these internet sites and apps, and the publishers make money, part of which is the revenue of content creators and advertising companies. In addition, these revenues allow consumers to use Internet sites and apps for free.

D.A. Consortium, Inc. (DAC) is a member of the Hakuhodo DY Holdings Group,  which is the second-largest advertising group in Japan. DAC is one of Japan’s largest online advertising companies, selling online advertising and building advertising platforms in Japan and around the world.

DAC Data Technology Vietnam is a subsidiary of DAC and develops advertising platforms for the DAC Group.

The technology of advertising is called Ad Tech, which includes the technology to select advertisements that match consumers’ interests while respecting their privacy, the technology to manage advertisements for multiple publishers, and the technology to aggregate and report the effectiveness of advertising for advertisers and advertising companies.

In ad tech, the most important thing is Data. Various types of information, such as information on ad submissions, information on ad placements, and information on consumer interests and attributes, will be standardized, aggregated, and turned into Data. The essence of ad tech is to convert information into Data, build an advertising platform based on the Data, and deliver New Value to consumers, advertisers, advertising companies, and publishers.

DAC Data Technology Vietnam will continue to support consumers, advertisers, advertising companies, and publishers around the world by realizing various advertising platforms together with DAC. Let’s work together.


Thanh Cong

DAC Data Technology Vietnam JSC. / Vice President

We, with the “Data Technology” company name, aim to create data from everything, and make new value by combining more data

Every day, billions of data are generated in the world.

Reality has proven that the right decisions, more effective, are all decisions based on data.

We, DAC Data Technology Vietnam – with the strength of long-term working experience in the field of advertising, have a vision that can turn everything into data which can be processed and analyzed. From data, we will help decisions to be made more effectively, creating more value, especially in the advertising industry.

However, along with the value of data, capturing a lot of information also comes with its risks. We are constantly striving to improve ourselves and build trust in the value that data brings and the way we operate and manage it.

Don’t have to rush. We will take a step-by-step approach to a data-centric world.



DAC Data Technology Vietnam JSC. / Vice President

Our company name is DAC Data Technology Vietnam. This has a strong will of Beyond Information Technology(IT). IT started in the 20th century, but we are looking to the next of this IT. Aiming for Beyond IT and Next IT, we use the word Data Technology in the company name.

Also, our vision is “Everything to Data, Data to New Value”. In the future, I believe that data will create all new value. The old saying is “All roads lead to Rome”, but in the future we are believe that “all roads lead to data”.

More than one year has passed since the worldwide spread of COVID-19. On behalf of the DAC Data Technology Vietnam, allow me to express our utmost sympathies to those affected by COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in the way we live and work, as well as accelerating the diversification of consumer needs.

The end of the pandemic is not yet in sight but whatever the future may bring, I strongly believe that the DAC Data Technology Vietnam is always a robust and flexible team continuing to evolve beyond the boundaries, responding to the expectations, and maintaining the trust of our customers, shareholders, and employees.